Add a Task Review filter or option

Dear Team,

I have hesitate a lot of time between using Agenda and Noteplan 3 and I used both of the applications during a long period to evaluate each of them. I finally chose Agenda for many reasons and I don’t regret my choice. However there is a functionality in noteplan 3 that could make your app even more useful : Tasks review.

It could be useful to have a similar tasks review section with only the tasks (list), with different categories “to do, overdue, to come” with the possibility to filter on the @user.

Is it planned in the roadmap, if yes, do you have a due date ? If not, can this be considered ?



You can already show the entire note with such tasks using tags (especially #due tags are helpful: Tags, People, Emoji's, Text Actions and Links) in combination with smart overviews: Searching and Filtering. In the future we plan to make it possible to only show the tasks indeed.