Actually, How do you trace your projects timely?

According to official description ,Agenda seems a diary connecting reminder and calendar with some text styles.
However, Projects of my work need to be done during a period, 7 days for example, the calendar view seems useless so; because when i had been delegated a task, knowing a certain period in advance , i would make a plan for it at first. Calendar and reminder i mentioned are needed as a tinny part of my task; So i think the outliner of a task should be considered to content ‘dimension’ not time.

Calendar and Reminders are important integrations for Agenda, but you can use the app entirely without them. Agenda allows you to attach dates and date ranges with no calendar event at all.

Our experience is that projects are very chronological. Typically you are working on a few things this week, and have a few things planned for next week. Agenda is perfect for this. You make a note for next week, so you can add planning notes, while you check off your tasks for this week as you do them.

Of course not everything is chronological, and Agenda allows you to not attach dates at all if it makes no sense. A note without any date can be dragged anywhere in the list, just like other note taking apps. So if time is not the right ‘dimension’ for one of the projects, just don’t use it for that project: drag the notes in the order you want.

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