Activation of Dropbox sync failed

What I did:
I tried syncing the notes across my Mac and iPhone.

What happened:
First the app crashed and then I reinstalled it. Now, it is not allowing the Dropbox sync.
The error screenshot is attached.

What I expected:
I expected the sync issue to resolve after reinstalling the app.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • Agenda version: 17.0 (iOS)
  • Build: 269
  • Device type: iPhone
  • Device size: 428 x 926 (@3x)
  • iOS version: Version 16.3.1 (Build 20D67)
  • Language: en (system: en, region: us, calendar: gregorian)

Apologies for that. We have just pushed a 17.0.1 update in review, we hope when it comes out in the next few days it will solve the issue, let us know if that’s not the case.
Best wishes,

17.0.1 is now available. Please install it. It has a fix for this issue.


Thanks @mekentosj @drewmccormack .
The update 17.0.1 fixed the issue.

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Great to hear!