Actions for multiple selected items on iOS

Loving the app. But it would be great if it allowed me to complete actions on multiple selected objects on iOS. I.e. Move multiple notes on the agenda, delete, reorder multiple notes, collapse multiple notes, etc. An options to select multiple notes and take actions on them would be amazing.


Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately implementing this on iOS requires some “selection state”, a bit like the photos and mail app allow for. We haven’t really figured out yet how to do this without making things a lot more complicated to be honest.

I’m sorry, I meant iPadOS :sweat_smile:. I can agree that its difficult to implement it without complicating it on iPhones. But could it be possible on iPadOS? iPads have enough screen real estate to enable selection using dragging from the blank areas.

It’s not so much about real estate but more than it would require some kind of edit/select button and a mode in which you can select multiple notes.