Accessing Agenda notes on the web

Does anyone else have the need to access notes made on the agenda while on the move, without your Mac?

Sometimes I just want to access my notes easily on computer with internet access. But unless the event was created with some note already, and if I create a new note in Agenda and link to it I can only see something like this

Do you think this can be achieved?


We hope to bring something like this in the future, but that’s still a long way out. First an iOS version…

Thank you, Alexander,

Yes, an iOS version would help. Thank you for the great job you are doing.

Best regards,

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Me too

suggestion: Having a web-based Agenda would be useful for business users, our IT administrator blocked us from installing an unapproved program into their work notebook. If there’s such feature, I have the flexibility to create Notes and it automatically sync-ed to my MacBook and iPad back home.

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I also love the capability and would love to go pro, but without access on my PC, it does me no good. I’ll keep watching, but it doesn’t see. To be a priority.