About using Agenda with an Outliner


I am a premium suscriber of Agenda for 6 months now.
I bought the subscription because I completely love the concept of time being a first citizen class.
Unfortunately, I never really used Agenda because I am more confortable using outliners (I am a remnote user)
But now that I use hookmark, I want to give to it a second chance and use it as my “Agenda” in combination with Remnote.

Anyone using Agenda in combination with remnote or any outliner?

OmniOutliner is an app I have used for such a long time. It works for making … well outlines - if not too long. I use(d) it for organising training, though less and less.
Organizing training sessions, for me, consists of following standard steps. So in most cases, I can use an Agenda-template.
Linked notes contain the non-standard sutff, the content for each step. Which results in a roadmap I can work with during training and if I need to I can go into the details.


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