Ability to toggle through paragraph formats via keyboard

I’ve recently started using Notion for a collaborative project. I am really loving the way one formats a new paragraph (or ‘block’) in Notion using the keyboard:

  • type: /
  • use arrow keys (or type name of style) to select the style.

To change an existing block to another style, you type cmd / and type or arrow.

It’s so intuitive and simple - just one command to remember (because when creating a new block cmd / works just the same as /). It would be great to have something similar in Agenda.

Despite using Agenda for over a year, I have yet to remember the keyboard combination for each format, and generally find myself having to use cmd arrow to get back to the beginning of the line and then type markdown commands.

And in Notion you can do it wherever the cursor is in the paragraph, I often want to get my thought down in words asap, and only decide what level heading something is once I’ve written in.

(Side note: I was curious if Notion make me question my investment in Agenda. Definitely not. Very different product.)

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It’s an interesting idea. I think the more Apple way is what we have now, with different shortcuts, but I can see this approach might be a nice way to do it too.

Will consider it. Thanks!

Thanks for considering. Generally I’m a fan of sticking with the Apple way for consistency, but the fact that I am using the Notion method as second nature after just a couple of weeks, while I still haven’t memorised the Agenda command combiniations (nor the muscle memory for them) in over a year, says it all!

I also like the way Notion reminds one where to start:Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 09.57.12

I think I read somewhere about forthcoming changes to the paragraph menu - currently popped up by clicking the circle to left of paragraph. If this could be evoked with a keystroke, and then navigated with the arrow keys, and the format selected with return, we’d be there!

I guess there are downsides to the Notion way too. For a start, it is a two step process. You might have to hit several keys to get what you want. A shortcut is basically a one action process.

I don’t know all the key combos, but the ones I use a lot, I do know (make checklist, make bullet list, go to body, indent etc).

There is also ctrl-f2 or ctrl-fn-f2. This gives you keyboard nav of the menus. But it is pretty slow to get to what you want.

Will consider your idea. We are certainly exploring the concept of commands in general. We have the “remind” one, and have some more coming in version 11.

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