Ability to shrink image file size

Is there a ways of reducing the file sizes of images when inserting - same as when sending any email. I add in numerous pictures when on site visits, but at up to 4MB/picture, overall file size of agenda increases quickly


This is an issue we have fixed internally, and will be in the next release. The app will now use the original file format where available, which is often the smaller JPEG format.

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Will this be for testing in the next Beta release?

Yes, I believe it should be in the next beta

Just following up on this thread. Will the ability to select a reduced size photo from the Camera Roll to be included in a Note be included in the forthcoming Beta?

We don’t have immediate plans to control file size, no, but our last update should help this by using the original JPEG image, instead of a larger PNG. Are you seeing problems? Are they with new images, or ones you added before the update?

Lately I’ve been experimenting with adding photos from my iPad 2018 to daily Note entries in my Diary database. When I check the jpg, it can be > 1gig. Won’t take long to take up considerable space. These are one’s taken by Agenda.

Huh? 1GB? Or 1MB?

If it is 1GB, there is something very wrong with that file. Are you absolutely certain?

Oops! 1MB! Sorry.

Ah, right. Yes, that is pretty typical for a JPEG photo.