Ability to set a note window semi-transparent

Thank you all for this app, it has upped my tracking game.
Presently one possible addition would improve the app for my daily usage and make Agenda even better. Assuming I am not being dopey and have missed the feature whilst looking for it…

Being able to open a note and have it “Stay on Top of Selected Note” (Window menu option) is great. However, if this window could also be made semi-transparent it would be brilliant.

Usage: During a zoom call for instance, I will often fire up MacOS-Stickes application to be able to take live notes during presentations etc. Given that Stickies has the transparent feature, I can see the presentation etc and not have it intrude deeply with the note taking. I then pull these notes into Agenda accordingly. Agenda have this ability natively would be most welcome.

Keep up the great work team.

Best Regards


Thanks for the suggestion Karl! We’ll take it along.

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