Ability to save multiple versions or “snapshots” of a document

I have a great need to be able to “save chronilogical snapshots of multiple versions of a document, so that I can easily revert to them as needed. Ideally these snapshots would be saved along with the file, and available on all devices for review at any time.

Thank you for considering this feature.


Thanks for the suggestion, interestingly the way Agenda stores its data it’s indeed recording all edits, which technically would make it possible to provide going back in history. It’s not our top priority at the moment but perhaps one day we can indeed allow you to go back in time.


Does Agenda participate in the Time Machine ecosystem? If so, wouldn’t that be a way to go back into time…perhaps even note by note?

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You mean the view where you can travel back into the past? No, it doesn’t allow you to do it. The library itself is backed up if you do TimeMachine backups though.

Take a look at the ios app “compositions”. You have the ability to take a snapshot of the text at any stage. It allows for a freedom of creativity that is worth a lot.