Ability to prevent synchronization

My corporation has a policy against having information on cloud services which are not certified by our information security team.

Is there an option in Agenda to prevent the synching of certain projects, notes, etc? I get around this problem in Evernote by having a shared notebook for personal items, and then a “local” notebook for work items. Any similar functionality in Agenda?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to include/exclude sync on individual project basis, you can only sync (or not sync) your entire library I’m afraid.

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I would recommend adding this as a feature request. The lack of such a feature will be an impediment to adoption in corporate environments.


To be honest, we usually hear from people in corporate environments that iCloud is completely blocked, so allowing selective sync wouldn’t really help.

We did add Dropbox sync so that some people can sync who previously couldn’t. But there are a lot of services, and adding each one would take forever.

We will consider if there are other options we could add that would be acceptable to corporations (eg WebDAV), but if your boss doesn’t want you to access the internet, it makes it pretty tough for us to sync.

I wasn’t asking to block/allow specific services or technologies. I was asking to be able to set certain projects (or even better, categories) as “do not sync”. That behavior would mirror the Evernote functionality of “synched” and “local-only” notebooks and gives users the ability to sync personal information, but keep work info from synching if the supported synch services are not approved in their environment.

Thanks for the consideration!

Yes, I understood. I’m just saying that for many people this would not help, because their employee actively blocks iCloud or Dropbox or whatever.

Thanks for your feedback. We will consider it in future sync plans.

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I would also like to have the possibility to manually decide which projects are synced and which are not.