Ability to make Comments, then show/hide them

Agenda is a powerful ‘thinking tool’ for me. When I’m trying to make sense of something I’m struggling with it’s relative lack of structure makes it a great place to write my thoughts down, organise them and find some meaning.

In particular when I’m working on the very first draft of an article, blog, lesson plan etc. It’s really the stage before the first draft - scoping, deciding what to include, etc.

I do this by writing down the ideas that are floating around in my head - and these generally fall into two categories:

  1. Content - i.e. the topics I want to include, headings, main points to get across etc.
  2. Comments - i.e. my thoughts about what I’m putting down. E.g. “this might fit better in section 2”, or “make reference to model X”

These comments are generally inline, i.e. in the same paragraph as the content, because at this stage I’m almost writing in stream of consciousness style to get stuff out of my head.

It would be wonderful to be able to easily and quickly distinguish content from comments, for examply by putting comments inside <>, and then the comment being visually distinguished in some way, perhaps slightly greyed out? lighter font?

And for a real bonus:

  • to be able to double click on the comment to collapse it, so that changes to <>. Double clicking on <> will then expand the commnent
  • right clicking would give the option to show/hide all comments
  • and Copy As would give the option to copy without comments, ie so I can copy the 'clean’ content to another app to create the actual document.

As you say, there’s really two different types of functionality here. One would be something that could mark up more easily comments, the other the collapsing. If I’m not mistaken you already requested this before, I remember having seen a post like this already?

Anyway, I think the next updates adds some more options in this first realm, we plan to add a block quote style that could work well to highlight your comments, or alternatively it will also bring highlighting and text color options, which could help you markup things too.

The first is probably a better choice as down the line we would also want to introduce the collapsible sections feature, and this would work with block quotes but not highlighting and/or textcolor per se.

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Thanks! Can’t remember if I posted on this before - sorry, if so.

Forthcoming features will certainly help, but I’d love to see the ability to make (and hide) inline comments some day!

Re the forthcoming blockquote style:

It would be great if it could be evoked with a simple keystroke at the start of the paragraph, like "-“ turns the para into a checklist. > would be an obvious choice!

I’m currently writing some notes in preparation for a meeting - basically a list of questions I have. It would be really helpful to use blockquote to distinguish notes I back in the meeting - ie the answers to my questions! Simply moving the cursor to a new line and start with > would work smoothly I think!

Yes, this is definitely the idea.