Ability to Edit Tags and People

Hope this hasn’t been offered up a million x before…

I’m coming over from Evernote and Things3, both of which have the ability to edit tag lists at a fairly granular level.

After using Evernote for years, being able to edit tags has been an important feature over long periods of time (perhaps the language of a certain tag changes, e.g. a restructuring of an organization, requiring a change in tag name going forward). Being able to edit our collection of tags and people, I think, would make the feature more useful.

Also, the mobile application comes pre-set with a list of tags and people, none of which are useful to me. It would be great to be able to delete these items, so that they don’t clutter the list of tags and people on the ios app. Nothing like having to find my associate’s name amidst “Christian” and Janice”. :confounded:

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, a tag management system is certainly on the roadmap.

We don’t pre-populate tags as such; the tags you are seeing are in the sample data. The tag list shows all the tags in any note, including the sample data. I believe that if you remove the sample data, the tags will also be removed in time.

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Thanks @drewmccormack

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Hope to hear more about this. By ‘in time’ do you mean after closing and opening the app again or after a predetermined time. I’ve been looking at my tags and or people and I’d see something like a tag called Coaching and then a tag called coaching that were basically the same but also appeared in different parts of this list.

Hoping for 1) autocomplete of tags/people 2)management area or pop up to see number of instances for tag/people and the option to rename.

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By “in time” I mean they should disappear within a few seconds, but not 100% sure about that.

We would also like some tag management tools and autocomplete. Definitely in the roadmap.


+1 on Tag and Person Editing

I’d like to have a list of tags/people, from which I can (A) edit the tag globally across all instances and (B) call up all notes with that tag.

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread as I don’t see this ability. I am less fussed with Tags but People would be great. Lengthy projects can have turn overs in roles and notes a few months back might have a different lead now and chasing down feature requests in older notes requires me to remember who was on point at that time. Thx

This is not far away now. It’s in the roadmap for later this year. Sorry for the wait!


I’m finding myself in a situation where I want to edit a People name tag. I don’t see how to do it. Is it possible?

On Mac: click on the People tag and edit the text in the pop up.

On iPad: tap (as above)

That changes the tag in that one instance, but what I’m wanting to do is edit the tag itself once, so it changes everywhere it’s used.

There is no people browser yet (the equivalent of the tag browser for people), something on the to-do list.