Ability to create notes without titles

It would be useful and more efficient if I could create notes without a title. I know that I can skip writing a title, but then it just says “Untitled”. I would prefer to just have the text without any title above it. Some notes just don’t need titles.

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I think it’s a good habit to give notes a title (if only so it shows up as something useful in the navigation menu or when creating links), but I can see how you don’t always have one, need to think about how to solve these two sides.

I noticed that in Bear Notes, what they do is they have an automatic title they give to untitled notes. All notes that doesnt have title have those “given title”.

I agree with the idea of being able to create a note without a title. Its slows me down when I have to hop between fields from Title to Compose. Streamlining this process would be a win IMHO.

I use Simplenote for quickly jotting down ideas, part numbers, appointments, thoughts, etc. It’s lightning fast since it doesn’t require a title. And since Search is terrific, I can always find what I’m searching for.

This app looks like a great start!

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