Ability to control size of ‘related notes’ and ‘recently edited’ panels

It would be great to be able to manually adjust the vertical space available for these panels to show more or less notes. I’ve hidden the Calendar, and ‘recently edited’ now takes about 2/3 of the available space and ‘related notes’ the other 1/3. For the work I’m doing at the moment, I want to see more related notes, but at other times I’ll want to see more recently edited.

If we could click the icon for each panel and slide up and down, that would be brilliant.

(On Mac)

The panel resizes now automatically. It will generally try to focus on whatever you are scrolling, making that section bigger.

As with any design decision, this has pros and cons. It stops you having to constantly resize things, but it also takes away the manual control.

I’m not sure if there is a good middle path. What exactly do you expect to happen when focus shifts to a different note again? Should the right panel just go back to the normal automatic state? Or do you really want to set the sizes and have them stick?