Ability to arrange templates

Hi. Please do add ability for users to arrange order of templates. There’s no ability in manage template to move template up/down. Thanks.

We feel that the majority of people wouldn’t have that many templates that it would require explicit ordering too much, the classic workaround is to just use the fact that they are ordered alphabetically and that you can change the name of the template in the sidebar (by default it’s the title of the note, but you can change it to something else in the sidebar of the template manager). For instance just prefix them with a number like “1. Review”, “2. Todo” or prefix the most important one with a space.

Note that the order might not be immediately reflected in the template manager, but they will in the plus menu and upon closing and opening the template manager again. We’ll see if that can be made immediate.

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I don’t think adding prefixes is a good solution. That will add that prefixes to actual title of each note created.

No, as I mentioned, adding the number to the template title, doesn’t add it to the note:

Ok understand what you mean now. Will give it a try. Thanks

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