A Workflow involving Agenda, Obsidian, TheBrain, Evernote and Windows 10

I’m a new user of Agenda; I’m looking to see how I might connect Agenda to my Windows PC-based PKM systems, TheBrain, Obsidian, Evernote, Pocket, and Outlook. I’m also looking at NotePlan 3. So far, I’m favoring Agenda over NotePlan. But, I’m not convinced that Agenda and I have a long future ahead, primarily because of the barrier with transferring info to Windows. Obviously, I can copy and paste to another app that transfers to Windows, but I’m looking for something easier and better. A share sheet would be a step in that direction. A Windows Agenda app (there is one, but apparently not of compatibility) would be ideal. (I have far too much invested in software and developed systems to ever switch to a Mac.)

My interest in PKM goes back nearly 30 years to Lotus Agenda (which I still miss) and others. What I like about the current Agenda app is the easy slide-over of the calendar and reminders, combined with the notes and project aspects. The lack of back-linking in Agenda is a plus for NotePlan, but Agenda has a more appealing premium fee structure, and basic is free to use forever.

I’m in the Obsidian mobile beta trial, and it’s looking very smooth; storing on iCloud links with my Windows-based Obsidian, easy as can be. I also have TheBrain mobile and have been a user of TheBrain for about 20 years. These two I’ll definitely be sticking with. But, I’m always interested in something new, so that’s why I’m exploring and writing this post. I like the format of the Agenda Community.

I particularly liked the post by @olaf.wolkenhauer on Zettlelkasten, Roam, Obsidian et al., and the discussion thereof. I hope some in the Community may provide some helpful ideas, or I’ll later provide some as and if I find them.

We don’t currently have any Windows app for Agenda, I’m afraid. Perhaps some day we can offer a web app, but it is still quite a way off.

If you use Windows a lot, there might be better options than Agenda. If you would like to use Agenda anyway, perhaps you can find a system that works. For example, if your other apps also have iOS apps, you could copy info between the two apps, or use our share extension to get info into the other app, which would then sync to your Windows computer. Not ideal, but possible, depending on how much you need to do this.

Perhaps others have some suggestions.