A workflow for using Agenda alongside a non-connected Task Manager?


Due to changes in my work, I’m now using an online task manager (ClickUp) shared with my two remote colleagues so we can collaborate more effectively. ClickUp doesn’t work with Apple Reminders so there’s no way to sync tasks with Agenda.

I definitely plan to continue using Agenda as my private notetaking, thinking and first-draft app. Until now I have used Agenda as my task manager.

I’m not sure how I will use Agenda for notes, alongside ClickUp for tasks.

On one hand I’m wary of having tasks in two places (those for shared work in ClickUp and those my ‘solo’ tasks in Agenda). Solo tasks often evolve into Shared work, and having two places to manage tasks sounds like more work and more cognitive overload.

On the other hand, so many solo tasks are closely associated with my notes in Agenda.

Has anyone wrestled with this or a similar problem?

(One feature of ClickUp that might help with this quest, is that multiple tasks can be created by pasting text into ClickUp - one task per line of text. So I might plan an activity in an Agenda note, create a check list of tasks and then paste these into ClickUp at some point)

(Another is that tasks can be emailed to ClickUp with the subject line becoming the task’s name, and the body text of the email becoming the task description. So, it would be fairly easy to turn an Agenda note into a ClickUp task.)

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A good place to start is simply to put an Agenda Link in the task. That way you can jump straight into Agenda from the task app. You can use Copy > Agenda Link to get a link, or drag and drop the note over.


did you find a solution to the clickup integration?

No, I’ve given up on ClickUp (for other reasons)

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