A way to get just checklist Items to show up on Today or On the Agenda?

Latest everything (not beta).

Is there not a way to get just checklist Items to show up on Today or On the Agenda??

The workflow that makes the most sense to me, with less clutter, is to have Projects, with Notes in dated order related to specific events and activities (meetings, stages of development, presentations, etc…) and within those Notes, in addition to the various “notes”, specific action items, or tasks (for me, these would be checkbox lists) which might also have specific due dates and times and/or priorities specific to a task. At the top of each Project might be a linked list that reflected those action items, so I could see what needed to be done without scrolling through the Project, but a link could bring me quickly back to the related note if/when needed.

I see some similar requests, but not sure I understand them to be the same. And I see there is a possible future soultion with the overview of to-do items.

If some of what I’m looking for is possible now and there exists a good workflow, please point to in the right directions.

Hi Peter,

There’s a lot of ways to approach this workflow. Here’s a two:

You can use a tag - “#checklist -" and make a saved overview for it. In the overview, by using the jump menu, you can see at a glance which notes are open and which are closed (the orange circle is checked or it’s not). You might want to keep an archived project, where all checked-off lists go.

Or you can go from a main project-note to linked checklist-notes, which is what I do. I keep overviews of projects’ planning in one main note. From there, I link all notes related to it. So, combined with due-dates, it enhances the clarity of what is to be done and which notes can wait.

Fine-tuning’s up to you. Hope this helped,