A suggested improvement to textbundle export

Thanks for all the recent enhancements to Agenda! Impressive. I’m so glad to find textbundle among the current export formats. When I’m done working with some notes in Agenda I like to export them and archive them in another app for future reference. The textbundle is excellent for that because it captures the text body of the note with the embedded docs (images, PDFs, etc.) in a format that’s readily converted to markdown + referenced attachments. I’d find it even more useable if the embedded documents retained their original filenames. Right now in the exported textbundle (and maybe natively within Agenda), they are titled by what looks like a new serial/ID character sequence that has replaced the title. Would love it if the original filenames could be preserved, because it enables relevant filename searches in whatever software eventually holds these archives.

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Thanks for the feedback, we’ll see what can be done. One of the reason we do this is to guarantee uniqueness of the filename. We would have to ensure that if you import 3 “screenshot.jpg”'s these would be renamed to “screenshot-1.jpg” etc in the text bundle. Not undoable but more work :smiley: