A Small Case for Toggle Lists

A Small Case for Toggle Lists

I love how rich our Styling and Formatting bars are. There is almost everything one can possibly need to create rich and awesome notes. Almost…

Would it be possible to consider adding toggle lists to agenda text formatting bar?

We have bullet and numbered lists, but I myself greatly rely on nested bullet point toggles that make my notes so much cleaner elsewhere (app provided by work), but not yet with my personal Agenda notes.

  1. A numbered note
  2. Works great
  • A bullet note
  • is also awesome

|> A toggle list
---- can nest sub-content notes
---- and make everything near damn perfect


Current flow option is either to create very long notes or split them into others on the project folder; demanding more clicks/taps and more context-switching.

Toggle lists could show/hide smaller parts of a note’s main point, allowing for better contextual concentration and a much improved note flow.

Could this be considered a quick win increment?

Cheers Drew/Alex


Is a “toggle list” the same as a “collapsible section” in a note? We are planning to allow collapsing of sections in notes. If that is what you mean, it is in the roadmap.


That is exactly that Drew.

Fantastic to hear.

Cheers mate.