A Siri Shortcut to Summarize audio to text using ChatGPT

This is one of a series of Siri Shortcuts using ChatGPT and Agenda I’m working on.

And yes, you heard it (or read it) right! This shortcut allows you to use ChatGPT API to record audio or send a recorded audio via the share menu, transcribe it using ChatGPT whisper model and get its content summarized (using GPT 3.5 turbo) in an Agenda Note.

For it to work, you need an API key. If you don’t have a key set, this website teaches you how: How to get your ChatGPT API key (4 steps)
(please note that using your API costs money, but it is far cheaper than most AI audio transcription apps)

Once you get the shortcut, make sure to click to edit it and set you API key in the appropriate box. there’s also an option to choose which project your note should go to. Editing the prompt is also possible.
Since the shortcut has 2 algorithms (one for audio entries and one for audio recording), you have to edit in both (there are comments telling you where). I might make it work better later, and add an initial setup in future version in order to skip that editing process. If anyone has ideas on how to improve it, I’m all ears (or eyes)

Shortcut link: Shortcuts

EDIT: I have updated the shortcut. Now the prompt gives better results (costs a few more tokens, but it is worth it). You can also edit it in one single text box.
Tested it on Apple Watch and it works! It just can’t add the correct date as note title, but saves the Agenda Note Date.

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Great stuff! Interested to try this out.

Thanks Drew!
I’m doing some tests with the prompt. So far, I think it has room for improvement. If you modify it and get good results for your objectives, please tell us here

After some testing, it is working pretty well. I’ve been writing projects for new shortcuts with my watch quite often. Working in a shortcut to get tasks of notes related to dates and adding/modifying them with chatgpt, as well as notes for months, year and weeks. A complete planner that also takes into account your events :partying_face:

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Interesting. I am planning to try this this week now that I am back at the desk. Great job!