A "right clicked" project should not take focus

Hello community,

A little feedback about a behaviour I find annoying in Agenda.
When right clicking on a project that do not have focus, the focus is given to this project.

This is annoying, particularly now that we can open additional windows.

My use case is the following: I have a daily project where I prepare the work of my days. I usually point to other existing projects, and I regularly do a right click, copy as Agenda Link then paste in the note.Or I also like to keep focus on my daily project, then open an additional window on other projects.

This right link changes the project focus, while I don’t expect this for this action.

Hope this can be changed. Regards.

— Philippe

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll take it into consideration.

@Philippe_Bernery , if you first open a new window from the window you want to keep focus on, stay on top, you can continue to operate from from the main while keeping original focus in the satellite. Hope I understood your question.