A “Reminders” functionality with Things 3

I would love to see some further connectivity with Things 3. How I imagine it is just functioning in the same fashion as the iOS reminders app currently does. Hit that \remind and send a the task or reminder directly to Things 3.


We do have ideas about that type of command approach. Hopefully get to it down the track. Stay tuned!


That would be an absolute game changer on an app that has already been an absolute game changer!


It is somewhat already possible. You can set the reminder in Agenda using the current functionality and also have import from Reminders on in Things.

Anything that you add to Agenda will be added to Remidners and then copied to the Things inbox and marked as done in Reminders.

Yes, but you lose the syncing. Once it’s imported it is delete from reminders so it’s useless in Agenda.

Actually it is not marked as done in Reminders, once imported to Things the task is deleted from Reminders.

Yes this is a disaster. What I’ve done is switched to using GoodTask as my task app alongside Agenda. It’s not as good as having everything in Things 3 but so much better than the standard reminders app. I get sub tasks, tags etc etc.

I’m doing the same until I can get a look at the revamped Apple Reminders app in iOS 13.