A quick to-do list dump?

Hi everyone! First post here. Really enjoying the use of Agenda, came from previous apps/programs and none have been as seamless or painless as Agenda.

I had a quick question/feedback - on my previous uses I used to be able to just type in a quick task to add to my to-do list. Literally I just dump anything there (regarding any project or any task I need to do) and when I have time, I go through it to clean off any tasks I can do.

In Agenda, I’m having a bit of difficulty setting this up because of how segmented every thing seems to need to be. I’ve set up a category named “To-Do List” and one Project under it called “To-Do List” also and just one note inside it as a list of things to do. I plan to dump all my stuff here that I just need to do.

Is this the best way? Are there any other ways I should consider managing a to-do list?

Others might chime in with their workflows, but one suggestion is to create a so-called scratchpad project, I use this approach myself and have written a bit more on it here: