A number of issues with searches

I’m a but confused about searches…
I can’t figure out how to search per person or tag.
The + button in the orange circle next to the search box seems to be inactive.

The text next to Search All is blurred , though if you click the text on the left, the blurred text on the right also displays search All.

I can’t help with all of those issues but to search for a person enter something like ‘@joe’. To search for a tag enter something like ‘#tag’.

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Thanks for the tip. I didn’t think about that (especially since I didn’t use the @ and # to create the items: I used the menu in the sprocket).
It might be nice to be able to tokenize the search the same way you can in the Finder or Mail for instance.

I only knew because I’d had the same problem with an early alpha and Drew told me about it. I think that it needs to be made more obvious.

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Hi guys, in the upcoming beta version we’ll have a new and hopefully better/more intuitive way to manage searches…

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