A more thorough design of keyboard shortcuts

It’s awesome that Agenda has decent keyboard shortcut but I feel like it’s rather incomplete:

  1. Ctrl+1 gives us project list but once the project list popups, we have to use mouse and there’s no way of selecting project using keyboard

  2. Same with Ctrl+2 which gives us the table of contents but still have to use mouse

  3. When on “On the Agenda” view, Cmd+N gives a popup when creating new note but again, have to use mouse to select which project will the note be added to

  4. Cmd+Shift+D assign the date to the note, while you can use keyboard to navigate the date, you can’t change the focus to manually enter the date in the textbox

So for all these points I feel like whenever I’m using the keyboard shortcut to perform selected task and then having to use mouse on the next step, it really breaks the flow.

I’m really looking forward for the improvements to be implemented :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, we indeed would like to improve keyboard navigation in those popovers, it’s on our list.

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And while I’m necro’ing an old thread, how about keyboard shortcuts for Move to… and Link to…? That would be awesome.

How would that work? You mean just to trigger them? Or to navigate them once they’re open?

Both. Trigger with a keyboard shortcut, which would simply open the pop-overs, and then navigate and execute via keyboard. I’m a fan of not touching the mouse (or screen). :slight_smile:

I see, we’ll consider