A Hub For The Native Apps

Everything old is new again. Was reading up on the original Lotus Agenda the other day and was led to this app.

It’s not quite there in terms of being useful for me, but as an act of faith I’ve activated the Premium features as I’ve seen cool tools like Notesuite (a less powerful version of Agenda 2.0) disappear without support.

I’ve used a number of different productivity tools and GTD enhancers and all of them fail for me for one simple reason - if they don’t integrate quite tightly with the Apple apps (Calendar, Reminders, Contacts, Mail, Notes) then they end up not being sticky enough - there is only space in my life for so many apps to be checked.

I really like the free form structure that starts to build its own structure. I’d like to use this as the enhancer to the standard apps above. This is not just my laziness, I work with some spectacularly tech naive users and they can just about manage the basic apps available on their phones and iPads but I know my limitations and I cannot drag them to a new platform and teach them stuff and get them to do the actual tasks.

I’d like to be able to create a Note in Agenda, that can appear as an Apple Note and then be shared with an end user from my Contacts (I am aware that Contacts is on the roadmap).

I also really like that Agenda is working across iCloud - no head space for more cloud accounts!

Really encouraging to see such a high level of enthusiasm for the product.


I take it back - I have already started to find a use for Agenda - its super fast for building Wiki/documentation

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That’s brilliant to hear, thanks for your kind words and the feedback!

It’s easy to make an Agenda Note an Apple Note.

  1. Highlight the note
  2. Right click on the highlighted text
  3. Click on Share , then Notes

The NOTE will be displayed and you can add or subtract from it, make it a new note or choose to add it to an existing Apple Note before accepting.

Would be great if we could have it the other way around too: share from another app with Agenda. We miss the Agenda sharing extension.

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Indeed it would. Let’s hope that the Agenda developers can create their own “Share” extension to fit in with the Apple architecture. Or, perhaps they’ll have an integrated services available in the right-click dialogues that appear in other apps. As for now, I think cut and paste is the only option.