A few thoughts about templates: reordering, automatic date assignment, and tables

I’ve been progressively building more templates, but it’s hard for me to group them logically for editing/updating when they’re all in a flat list with no ability to move up and down.

I would love to see some kind of grouping (e.g. project-based templates) or just the ability to reorder templates within the existing flat list.

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One additional template feature I’d love to see that I didn’t add to the above: automatic assignment to a date/date range for when a template is used.

For example: I use a project for making weekly meal plans. When I add the template, I want to automatically assign that week’s meal plan to that week’s date range.

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Updating the title and keeping it going, since I’m working on templates a lot right now!

For that same meal plan example in my first response post, I’m trying to use unicode formatting in a table to create my dates for the week. Trying to use \date(EEE, MM, dd) never seems to work inside of individual table cells. This is a huge loss for me as it means I’d have to manually update the date every time I use this template.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, sound like good improvements. Will add them to the list.

Yeah for the two main areas that Agenda auto-sorts (template names, and saved overviews) I use prefixes to order them.

Note that the templates don’t auto-reorder when you rename them - but if you close the templates window and re-open it, they’ll be sorted correctly.

I am hoping for custom ordering of smart overviews in a future release :slight_smile: