A few text editing features for better UX (bullets/numbering)



Hi! Love what you’re doing, and excited to be a part of the early community.

I’d love to suggest a few features that I think would make the user experience smoother in the text editor:

Dealing with bulleting/numbering:

  • When selecting a full line that’s bulleted using shift-command-arrow or other ways, the bullet is automatically selected. It would be better if the selection stops at the bullet, and requires a second keypress to select the bullet, which gets selected in one motion (like in microsoft word, other editors)
  • When selecting a full line with a bullet, if you then try to apply formatting (underline, bold, etc), 90% of the time you have to price it twice: the first time deselects the bullet, and the second time actually applies the formatting. It also doesn’t appear to be possible to format the bullets themselves. It also doesn’t always happen, which makes it somewhat more frustrating.
  • Would be nice to have multiple different options for bulleting. Can be hard to see different levels of bullets because they all use a single dash
  • There’s some strange problems surrounding moving the cursor with new bulleted lines– sometimes the bullet is deleted if you haven’t added any text to the line when you move the cursor, sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes the cursor jumps to weird places: the bottom of the screen, or 3 lines up, or to the previous note, etc. I haven’t been able to find a rhyme or reason in it.


Thanks for the feedback. Will investigate the issues.

If you narrow down what could be causing the jumps, it would be useful.


Haven’t been able to reproduce it yet, but I’ll let you know if I find it again and I’ll try to do more specific testing to see what causes it!


Sorry to bump an old nitpicky post– ignoring the random cursor problems, is the shift-cmd-arrow bullet selection something you guys are planning on changing the behavior of, or is it something you don’t expect will ever be changed?

It’s small but it’s probably my biggest point of moment-to-moment frustration with Agenda. Definitely not big enough to stop me using the app, but if the behavior mirrored other text editors that would be really awesome :slight_smile: just want to know how to set my expectations.


I will try to look into it.