A few suggestions

Hey guys. Firstly just like to say great app! Bought it within 10 minutes of playing around! Haven’t paid for an app in years!

Is there any chance of adding specific element shortcuts to the bar on the bottom? Or allow all of it to float so I can easily access it instead of having to click the plus button?

I work out on the field and require daily work diaries with times of events and need to sometimes take notes with speed so would love to just click the time button quickly.

Also would it be possible to add a scroll wheel for the time that I’ve added so I can quickly adjust it if need be?

Thank you.

Thanks for the suggestions. Will take it along.

Note that the + and other menus can be left open while you type. It’s not exactly a floating panel as you request, but perhaps that can help for some cases.

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is it possible to add some graphics or photo on “Today“. when I open a today’s to do. always looks very said and ordinary these few bullets on a pale, white surface :slight_smile:
add some life. like on the - “Search all“ at least


The same graphics exist in Today as Search All. The difference is that the graphics are hidden when there are notes there. They only show to fill the space when there is nothing to see.

Ultimately the app has to be functional first and foremost. I think a background image would be distracting for most people.

Note that you can add your own images to notes. Perhaps that is an option to make your to-do list feel happier :slight_smile:

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I really do love love this app! However, I really wish that, it could also be on the I pad. I spend so much time making my multiple timelines, To Dos . … and I really don’t want to remake them . .is this going to happen anytime soon?

I’m a bit confused. Agenda does exist on iPad and iPhone. Just go into the App Store to install it, then let it sync up using your iCloud (same iCloud on each device).

Here is the App Store link: ‎Agenda. on the App Store