3D Touch and On The Agenda

I usually start a note with 3D Touch on XS Max, iOS 12.1.3. In my Agenda settings, I have the “do not add to On The Agenda” for new notes. Inevitably, the new note is added to On The Agenda. Has anyone else notices this behavior?

I thought we had fixed that. A new update (4.1) comes out tomorrow or Monday, could you give it a try in that version once available and tell us if it indeed fixes the problem?

It is still doing it, yes. I will check again after the update and let you know. If you want, I’ll be glad to screen capture a video showing you how it’s happening. Thanks!

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4.1 didn’t fix the issue.

Hi, I updated my app and the issue is still occurring. When I 3D Touch to add a new note, I am asked to which project I could like to add the note, and no matter what I select, it defaults to On The Agenda. So, issue is still out there.

Ok, thanks for getting back to us, we’ll investigate.

Hi Steven,

I’ve fixed this and it should be in the update after this week’s 4.1.1.