3 columns layout

Hi, I am learning to work with Agenda and can’t wait for IOS pencil support :wink:

2 majors improvements (according to me, plus the pencil support…) would be great :

  1. Instead of a 2 columns presentation, I would love to be able to get a 3 columns presentation, as Apple Notes does (and does great) : much more convenient to work with I believe

  2. record audio and sync it to the notes in real time…

WOuld definitely love to see those 2 features added in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

We probably won’t go to 3 columns, because the 2 column approach is pretty specific to how Agenda works. Ie a timeline of notes.

That said, you can get something like that second column by tapping on the project title at the top of the notes list. You get a list of notes, and can jump to any of them. Give that a try.

Recording audio is certainly on our list.

I’m interested to hear how you would imagine the audio sync working. Could you explain how you would expect that to work. Eg. I am sitting in a meeting, I press the record. Later, I go back and play the audio. What happens? What do I see? What is the sync bit you are referring to?

Wow ! What a reactivity !! Beautiful !

To answer you : I don’t know if there is better record audio-management than the Notability’s one : you record any meeting and, at the same time, you take notes. Later, when you come back to read your note, you press « play » and you hear the meeting obviously. But there is more : once you click on a particular word / sentence, the recording attached to this sentence (i.e. the record you took at that precise time) is played.

Of course, when you come back later to this note and you want to record some extra conversations in this note, the record just continues from the previous (mean there is no 2nd record attached to the note, but only one record attached to any note)

Do not know if I am clear enough… But still, Notability, here, does the job and does THAT job. Maybe we could imagine some extra features about this ?! record to text ? not sure it would be very useful…

Many thanks again for your app : I strongly believe you have capacity to make the ultimate one with a bit of time…

Thanks for explaining how you would like it to be. We can take that into consideration.

Kind regards,

[For now]… I record audio using Voice Memos. I then share the memo to Dropbox, copy the link and paste into my note. This is great because the memo is saved both in iCloud as well as Dropbox

I record audio using Voice Memos. I then share the memo using Copy, and then paste directly into an Agenda note. This is great because the memo is saved in Agenda and can’t be deleted unless I explicitly delete it from the note / delete the note itself.

Learning about Share->Copy has been truly incredible for me being able to get information out of one program and into Agenda.

I initially saved the audio files in Agenda but decided I prefer keeping all my audio files in one location within Dropbox and just link to the files. That’s saves the space used by Agenda and also my devices :wink:

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