2 installation are different



Hello There, I have purchased Agenda on 2 iMacs the same but different and have a difference in the Share menu and no Share to Messenger in one of them, both purchased via the in app purchase.

This is all totally new to me so probably something I’m doing.

1/. Agenda 4.0 on late 2009 iMac running 10.13.6 and Reminders 5.0 = no share to reminders.
2/. Agenda 4.0 on late 2012 iMac running 10.14.1 and Reminders 6.0 = share to Reminders is available.

Loving Agenda, but would also like to sort this out.



Hmm, odd. This will depend on what exactly you have selected at the moment you choose Share. Could that be the problem? Are you selecting exactly the same note when you choose the menu?

Also, it could be that you have to allow certain sharing options in the System Preferences. Take a look in the Extensions area there. It allows you to turn sharing menu items on and off.


Thanks Drew, that fixed it.
System Preferences - Extensions - allow sharing of Reminders