10+ second delay when linking a new note to an event

After creating a new note, when I select a calendar event and click “Link to Event”, there is consistently a 10+ second app freeze/delay (with beach-ball) before the event information is populated into the new note. This added friction is definitely inconvenient when trying to start taking notes in a meeting. What might be causing the slowdown?

That’s very odd, not heard that before. Does it help if you:

  • quit Agenda
  • in Go to Folder under the Go menu in Finder, paste:
  • make a backup copy of the DerivedInfo folder, then delete it
  • start Agenda

Do things works as they should after that?

Unfortunately, this didn’t reduce the delay, but I did find a work-around.

The delay is in my primary project (which contained 392 notes, 671MB) but non-existent in some of my other projects. Perhaps it is related to project size?

I created a new project and will add future notes to that one moving forward.

Ah, right. That is indeed a large project. Better to split up into smaller projects if you can. You could use a category to group the projects.