>1 word tags



I recently started using Agenda and love it. I’m wondering how you guys deal with tags that are more than one word? Do you jam the words together? Use a symbol? Have a thesaurus site permanently open in Safari? I like the idea of single-word tags, but there are some I haven’t found a work around for and I’m looking for suggestions. Thank you!


I generally use the “_” sign to connect the words, eg #blog_update - it doesn’t break the link, but still makes it a bit easier to read than simply running all the words together :blush:


I’d like to see spaces in tags… Spaces in tags


It’s something we would like too. We have plans to address it.


I just jam the words together. I track my music lessons. I have a tag nextlesson. I could also have used NextLesson, to make it more readable. Or next_lesson, or next.lesson, but I’m not sure exactly what characters are allowed in a tag. So I play it safe with just alpha and numeric characters with upper and lower case.


Underscores and hyphens work too. That can make it more readable.