Using Agenda in teaching



Hey guys,

I have a podcast called The Class Nerd where my cohost, Robby Burns, and I talk about apps we use for different jobs in our classrooms. Today’s episode is about lesson planning and how we’re going to be using Agenda for that task. I hope it’s useful for any teachers here.

  • Craig


I’m sure it will be - lesson planning sounds like one of the many tasks Agenda’s perfect for! :blush:


Great thanks! We will see if we can link to it somewhere.


That would be useful - sounds like it would be interesting for non-teachers, too!


Sounds great. I was in need of a new podcast for my commute.


Thank you so much for your Weekly tasks/Calendar links idea! I’m teaching an online course in January and I just set up a weekly log of ToDos using this format.


@g3mostone I came across your nice tweet, I think it might be nice and relevant for the others in this topic too:

Thank you for sharing!