URL's with ? in them don't display correct

What I did:
Pasting a youtube link in a note

What happened:
The linkpart behind the ? was deleted, so the link became unusable

What I expected:
A clickable link to the youtube video

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 1.0 / macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 beta 2 / iMac 27" late 2012

Many thanks for reporting, this is indeed a bug that we will fix asap. What should happen is that the visible link indeed strips off parameters, http:// etc, but obviously the underlying link should maintain all this info so that when you click the link it has all the info. This seems broken at the moment.

This should have been fixed in the latest version.

Thanks! The link itself is fixed now. But the link-text still deletes everything after the ?. Hope you can fix that in the next release.

This is on purpose as most urls contain nonsense in such parameters. If you say that for YouTube this is particularly important we can make those links include the video slug.

Well, YouTube video’s show ‘YouTube’ now, so that’s as nondescript as it can be. When I make a list of YouTube vids I usually start with the title of the video and end with the link. So if you can fix that it would be nice.

Unfortunately the youtube links only contain the video identifier, I wish it contained the title. So the best we can do is for it to show as: YouTube video (EaiZyHliVgc)
At least it allows you to discriminate a bunch of links as being different or the same video. I’ve just added this, it should be in the next update.

By the way, here’s a tip similar to what’s described in my New Year’s resolution Talk article. To get nice youtube links you do need two steps:

  1. copy the url from the YouTube page and paste, it will generate the link shown earlier.

  2. go back to YouTube, copy the title from the page, switch to agenda, select the text of the link in Agenda (start selecting it from after the last letter to the left, as clicking the text will open the link) and choose Edit -> Paste and Match Style, this will now convert the link in the nice looking Coco SUPERCUT - all clips & trailers.

It’s a shame that it needs you to go back and forth to the youtube page twice, but as said, that’s a limit of the poor urls YouTube provides.

UPDATE: I wrote an alternative solution earlier that is mentioned in the Talk article above, but this only works with links that Agenda doesn’t replace already

Thanks for the tip. That’ll do nicely. As long as you can see that the links lead to different videos it’ll be fine.