URL of Zoom meeting

Url for Zoom call not being picked up by template!

I’ve set up a template to create a note for a meeting, using:

I’ve also tried \event-notes(url)

But neither pulls through the url for the Zoom meeting that is in the caledar event:

The URL of the meeting is in the notes field of the event instead of the URL field, hence it’s not picked up alas. In general we strip out the meeting details from the notes field as in usually contains mostly information you wouldn’t want to keep after the event. In the future we have some ideas to capture this info differently, but that’s for a later update.

Thanks. Is the a command like \event-notes(all) that would bring everything across?

Yes, correct, see Creating and Using Templates - #4 by system, \event-notes(all) would add all the event notes, including the dial in details etc

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