Unable to get Exchange calendar events to sync in iOS

What I did: I added my Exchange account to iOS and set the calendar to sync with my native iOS calendar app hoping that the events will show on Agenda

What happened: The different calendars in my exchange are listed (holidays, calendar, etc.) but none of the events themselves are shown on my native calendar app, so agenda does not show those either

What I expected: For agenda to work like it does on my Mac where the exchange calendar syncs just fine and the agenda app also sees the events, allowing me to link notes to them

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): I am on the latest versions of MacOS and iOS, even when the note is linked to the event which shows on my mac my phone shows that the note is linked to nothing. Currently thinking of switching to fantastical instead of the native calendar app since events show up just fine on there for both iOS and Mac but then i wouldn’t be able to use agenda since agenda pulls its data from the native app :pensive:

As you say, for Agenda to see those events, they also need to be in the system calendar app. What you are asking for is for Agenda to talk directly to exchange, which technically is doable and is what Fantastical does, but requires a non-trivial amount of development work (times doing it for Google, iCloud etc as well). I’m afraid that doesn’t make it a priority at the moment, perhaps you can dig further into why the calendars show in the system calendar app but not the events. That sounds weird. See also Dates, Events, and Reminders

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Thanks for following up! I talked to apple support and they weren’t able to help me either, the truly weird thing here is how the events show up on my mac but not my iphone. Part of me was hopeful that when I link the notes on my mac the event would still be visible in iOS. I understand it would probably be a pain to independently link with the servers but I appreciate the answer.

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