Two things are needed to make this my daily driver

  1. In-line photos. Either let me pick photos from inside the app or let me past (IOS). Let me drag photos in (Mac)
  2. A quick entry. Open the app, press one button and start typing, figuring out where it goes later. An inbox sort of place. Additionally, give me a URL scheme so I can use Launch Center or something like that

You give me those two things and Agenda is going on my dock on all IOS devices.

Other things I would love

  1. select a range of tasks and port them directly into Omnifocus (MindNode does this great)
  2. if not that, then let me make a checklist in IOS reminders from inside Agenda (MindNode also does that great)

In other words I will not use Agenda as a task manager. I use Omnifocus. However, Agenda looks like a great place to put all notes in a meeting including action items. After them meeting I would love to “click” and “click” and get all selected action items into Omnifocus



Same for Things3!

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Here’s how I’ve given myself a fast-access inbox - Agenda for Pastors/Ministers/Clergy/Rabbis, etc .

Hope it helps! :blush:

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Both features are on our list, see The features we are working on right now…

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Same here. Love to have omnifocus connection!!