Today and Due Tasks within Notes/projects

Just puchased the full Agenda yesterday.

When I have dated checkboxes scattered across several project/notes, how do we “promote” tasks due today to the Today section?
The only way to manage due tasks is to sift through the existing notes or depends on memory.

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We don’t yet have a Todo overview, it’s one of the things we’d like to add indeed.


Thank you. What about the integration between Reminder and Agenda? Currently, I have to mark the checkbox on both apps to mark a task completed. Am I missing a config setting?

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The checkbox in Agenda doesn’t sync with reminders, only the little reminder ‘glyph’ does :frowning:

We are considering whether we can make this workable or not. Thanks for the feedback!

thank you. I like Agenda, but the integration with Reminder was the tipping point for me to purchase the full package.

I like an eariler discussion about moving away from GTD framework which most of us are used to.

One suggestion for Agenda team is to publish a process of how to help us manage tasks coming out of meetings within Agenda. Otherwise, we’re using multiple apps to manage tasks

That’s a great suggestion, perhaps someone would want to share his/her thoughts in a Talk article?

@mekentosj i am confused with your response. Are you waiting for one of your customers/users to find an effective way to use the current incomplete integration between Agenda and Reminder?
I am really looking for Agenda to articulate their vision of how we could use the current integration with Reminder. Ideally, meeting notes will result into action items, follow-ups or tasks. Mostly likely these action items will have a date.

Thank you for your help!

I don’t think there’s a single golden rule, the philosophy of Agenda is to give you the building blocks to build the workflow that best fits your needs, and as such there are many ways of how exactly you can use the reminders feature. We certainly plan to write some articles ourselves but at the moment we’re focusing on both shipping the necessary post-major-release bug fix updates and also preparing to make sure Agenda runs great on the new OS updates coming in September, so this might take a while. And therefore I mentioned that if others already want to share what works for them, that would be brilliant. It was not at all to be interpreted as “we have no idea”.

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As Alex mentioned, there are many ways to work with it. You have a variety of tools to help, such as tags, people tags, and reminders.

Here is one possible way of approaching it: In the meeting, you get down notes as quickly as possible. Things you need to address after the meeting, you mark in some way, such as with a special tag, or something like a star (#star). You can also add people tags in the text if something relates to a particular person, and have special tags such as #action or #followup and add these where appropriate. You might also add a reminder, which will be used to make sure you don’t forget to go through the notes and clean them up.

Later, when your reminder fires, you go through, clean up the tags, and perhaps add new ones. You can setup saved searches for the tags to track if there is still stuff that needs doing. Eg. You could apply an extra tag #open to anything that still needs doing, and remove that tag when the task is done. That way your saved search will track what is still open and needs attention.

It’s also a good idea to make a new note for the next meeting as soon as the last one finishes, and start filling it with stuff you think of for the next meeting during the week. Alex wrote a post about how Agenda came about, and it was guided by this type of usage. The Next Box™ – The story of how Agenda came about

Might suggest that you start one new Category in the Community especially for the iOS, iPad OS and Mac OS Betas.

We don’t really want to go this route as it suggests that we support Agenda on these OS’s, which we really can’t. Also, these categories already exist for Mac and iOS, accessible for “test pilots” as yourself. Best to leave your findings there.

Right, last year I had suggested date lists instead of just one, since the idea of dates in agenda seems fluid, why not enter more than one. The date becomes in effect a kind of tag. There seemed to be no interest in the idea but I still think it’s a good one. I would for example leave the creation date on a meeting note, and add another for a known review and/or completion date in the future. Even more ‘out there’ would be to link arbitrary tags with dates. So you link tag “project A completion” with the December 25 date tag. Just an idea.

Note that you can already due this using tags, they can have a date parameter like this creation(15 jul 2019) and you could just add them at the start of your note as you say, see Tags, People, Emoji's, Text Actions and Links

Oh! So you did listen to me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: … but seriously, this is very cool, thanks. but not quite what I was thinking, a tag itself could be related to a date (rather than limited to ‘due’). As in dated(“project A completion”, 15 jul 2019) and anywhere ‘project A completion’ tag was used would also acquire this date.

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