The big wide world of note apps



Hi Nick ! I

haven’t forgotten about your post/questions
… I promise to respond in the near future … I’ve been ‘tweaking’ my Agenda structure (+ workflow) with Trello … which I’ll share w/ the community in short order … !

Re: On the Agenda
I use ‘On the Agenda’ sparingly because I want it just to be for :fire::fire:things!

I’m happy to say that after years of using Evernote (which I’m not criticizing — it’s a great app/just gotten really $$ and it had become more of a dumping ground of things — my fault, not the app … ), I’ve been able to fully adapt Agenda as my ‘principal’ organization/notes tool. Sure, it is missing a few things which will make it even better but I know they are in the pipeline.

I had also been trying to use Omnifocus, another great app that many ppl use. But for me, it was too complicated or perhaps ‘over-kill’ and I was spending too much time just trying to figure out a workflow that I would (honestly) be able to stick to.

I love Agenda because of its simplicity, flexibility, adaptability.
Will be back with more soon …


It’s very hard in my opinion to beat Drafts as a note taking app. I use it for pretty much everything and if the note would be better in Agenda I just click send to agenda inbox…and there it is in Agenda. Very fast and simple.