The big wide world of note apps

Hi Nick ! I

haven’t forgotten about your post/questions
… I promise to respond in the near future … I’ve been ‘tweaking’ my Agenda structure (+ workflow) with Trello … which I’ll share w/ the community in short order … !

Re: On the Agenda
I use ‘On the Agenda’ sparingly because I want it just to be for :fire::fire:things!

I’m happy to say that after years of using Evernote (which I’m not criticizing — it’s a great app/just gotten really $$ and it had become more of a dumping ground of things — my fault, not the app … ), I’ve been able to fully adapt Agenda as my ‘principal’ organization/notes tool. Sure, it is missing a few things which will make it even better but I know they are in the pipeline.

I had also been trying to use Omnifocus, another great app that many ppl use. But for me, it was too complicated or perhaps ‘over-kill’ and I was spending too much time just trying to figure out a workflow that I would (honestly) be able to stick to.

I love Agenda because of its simplicity, flexibility, adaptability.
Will be back with more soon …


It’s very hard in my opinion to beat Drafts as a note taking app. I use it for pretty much everything and if the note would be better in Agenda I just click send to agenda inbox…and there it is in Agenda. Very fast and simple.

I have been through a similar — more extensive — process. In fact, I feel like I am still in that hamster wheel. I don’t see Agenda as my go to task manager (although when Reminders are integrated, I may change that view). I use TickTick, which is simple but comprehensive enough for me — and it is available on Windows, which is important as that’s the system I have to use for work. (How much more simplified my life would be if my employer would adopt Mac computers!)

I admire Agenda very much, but I am still working out the best way for me to work it into my note environment. At the moment, it is my go to app for planning and taking minutes during meetings. I also used Agenda last summer to plan our vacation… it is perfect for that purpose.

I feel the “On the Agenda” and “Today” views serve entirely different purposes. On the Agenda is a place to put active notes… that is, notes that I want to get back to regardless of any particular due date. Today is a way for the app to remind me of things I need to do that I’m not actively working on.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading the responses here, as it has added to my own understanding of Agenda.

That’s how I use Agenda too.

Here’s exactly how I do it:

Open Drafts, long press the “+” button, choose the workspace, add date/time stamp with, write the note and later save to Agenda.

If the note is a long one, edit it with Drafts’ support for Criticmarkup, preview it still in Drafts once you’re done editing, then select, copy and paste it to Agenda.

LOL, yes, wives tend to be more practical. Same here :joy:
I persuade her to use a certain app for collaboration just to ditch it a few months or years later and start all over with another one. Poor her.

For the non-collaborative case I use DEVONthink as my favorite. It is just awesome and up to now it is very stable. Still I have a soft spot for Agenda and use it now and then and will find a place for it to fit into my garden.