Tag cloud when browsing a project or category

Dear Team,

It would be helpful if, when searching through a category or project, all the tags used in that category (including any sub-categories) were displayed in a tag cloud at the top. This way, you could easily click on one or more tags to filter your search, and you’d also be able to see all of the tags used within that project / category.

Thank you for considering.



Just to add, this would work really well with my request to be able to view categories in the main window: Feature request: Viewing categories in the main window

We want to be very careful adding too much UI etc. While it can be useful, it also adds a lot of clutter. We have some ideas in this area for the next update

Thank you for your reply. I completely understand and appreciate that Agenda’s clean UI is a key part of its charm, and I’m glad that you are determined to keep it that way!

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