Support for closing tags/white space in tags

Longtime Bear user here, trying Agenda out. So far, I really like it.

One thing I immediately noticed, is how tag’s work in Agenda. In agenda, if i want to have the tag “Meeting Notes”, the tag automatically ends on the space. In Bear, you can close the tag and it supports spaces, ie… #Meeting Notes#.

This would be awesome for tags, the person tag, etc.

Its not something that would keep me from sticking with Agenda, but it would be something I would miss a ton.


Yep, we would like to improve tags to allow more flexibility, including spaces. Certainly on our roadmap.

Thanks for the feedback!

Looks like name is using the same mechanism as tag, it just doesn’t make sense to not allow spaces in name.

When you say name you mean the blue people tags? Yes, they function the same way indeed and we’d address both at the same time when we improve them to be more flexible.

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I’m glad to hear that support for multi-word tags is on the roadmap. I’m moving from Bear and miss that feature so badly. Tagging and searching are my main ways of finding what I need to find quicly.

Yes, that’s something we’d like to support in the future indeed.

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When would this be support.

We are working on this right now. Will not be too long.

Update: Agenda 14 now supports multi-word tags and people tokens, you can see it in action here