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I am quite new to Agenda. I have been using it for 2 days on iOS and still have a LOT to learn. I love the interface and the note taking. I was so impressed, that I upgraded to premium. For the most part, the app is quite user friendly. I am coming from Things app and cannot find a way to incorporate reoccuring tasks. It is probably there, but learning slowly. I used and still use Things until I can get this ironed out. I am not having any problem with Projects, or adding tasks to projects, but I also use Things for reoccring bills. This is very important for me, as I have them show up in advance and when doing the budgeting, I know what is coming up, what is due and when it is due, and most importantly, once checked off, I know I have already paid, or setup payment. I do not and have never used iOS, or Mac reminders. Perhaps this is something that will need to be done? …also, the reoccurring bills are not always monthly, some are every 3 months and a couple every 2 weeks. I sure hope there is a way to do this in Agenda.

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Hi Dan

I’ve been using Agenda for a couple of years. I find it really powerful for the core notetaking functionality. But it’s not and doesn’t claim to be a fully fledged task manager.

I prefer to keep things simple, and I’ve tried various ways of managing my tasks - within Agenda or outside in parallel!

The approach I’ve been using for a while is to use tags (#priority #soon #sometime) for items I need to do within notes (an evolution of The Time Sector Method](The Time Sector Method). For recurring tasks I use Reminders, and set Agenda so those reminders appear in the calendar pane.

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Hi Dan,

I think @trebso already said it well, Agenda doesn’t aim to be the same thing as Things, where everything is focused on tasks. You can use Agenda as a task manager, but the focus is on note-taking, where tasks are living within the context of your notes. As said, this can still work extremely well, in fact both @drewmccormack and I are using Agenda ourselves to manage pretty much all tasks related to developing Agenda and everything else going on outside too. I don’t feel I need an additional task manager like Things or Reminders at all, but of course this can be different for all of us (and there are indeed those that even integrate the two heavily).

Best is to browse around a bit perhaps in the community, especially in the Talk section, where a number of users have shared their experiences and workflows.

Enjoy Agenda!

Thank you. I am finding some work around and creating new work flows and in the end, it appears all will come together.

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Using templates for repeating tasks might work; i.e., a list of weekly tasks, a list of monthly tasks, and so on.

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That does give me some new insight and ideas as opposed to the trial setup I am experimenting with now. Thx.

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