Problem when creating tags in iOS with non-ASCII characters

What I did:
What happened:

Let’s say I want to create a tag called #Pós-graduação. When I type the first accent, the tag is created with the name #Pó. This does not happen in Agenda app in macOS. If I type Pós-graduação first and then add # at the beginning, then it works fine.

What I expected:

The tag should be named #Pós-graduação.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda: 13.1.1
iOS: 14.6
iPad 11 with magic keyboard

Thanks for reporting, this is is indeed a known issue specific to iOS and iPadOS (it works fine on macOS since version 13), we hope to have a solution in an upcoming update.

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Thanks for the fast answer! If you need any additional test, please, let me know.

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Update: Agenda 14 now supports multi-word tags and people tokens, as well as tags with accented and unicode characters, you can see it in action here