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Many thanks for your kind words, glad you like it! All credits to the translators! @darekrurka @agata.lad can you have a look at the suggestion above?

Good point. “Done” is translated in a few ways in the Agenda: “Wykonane”, “Wykonano”, “Zrobione”, “Zakończone”
“Done” as “Gotowe” is correct also and perfect when you use it for one word clickable buttons etc.
Agenda use some sentences with Done inside and some translations for Polish just sounds better when Zrobione or Wykonane is used. It sounds more like the language we have been using on daily basis in real life. From the app perspective switching to Gotowe will be looking more consistent but also less natural in some cases.

Let’s wait for Agata’s feedback since she is the most experienced person with Agenda translation but in my opinion, you have to decide @mekentosj as a product owner:

  1. we use less natural language translation but very consistent and always translate Done = Gotowe, or
  2. we use some subtle changes in translation to look more natural from user perspective but not necessary with perfect consistency

There is no bad choice to be clear :slight_smile: It is just to decide which option is more suitable according to your vision of Agenda as a product.

Regards. Darek

Thanks for the feedback @darekrurka

I’m all for natural-sounding language but currently, the translation “Wykonano” can be found in places where nothing has actually been “done” - and to me at least, “wykonano” has a strong connotation of an actual action that was performed.

E.g., if I open the pane to get premium features, the button to close it says “Wykonano” where I haven’t actually done anything - just looked at the additional features.

Sorry if I’m being annoying but I used to work as a translator so I have opinions. :wink:

Oh, and I discovered a typo: when I click on the plus sign in the Related Pane, it says “Sybkie Przypomnienie” for quick reminder. Should have been “Szybkie”.

@Gestaltist your feedback is highly appreciated. We, translators, are the same community members as you are, so all the feedback that can make Agenda better is something we all want to see :slight_smile: Do not stop pointing out any mistakes please :slight_smile:

“Quick reminder” I just corrected to “Szybkie przypomnienie” and you will see it updated with next release.

I think we can merge the approach and combine what you propose with current setup. I will modify all the one word Done sentences to Gotowe. We will see after update how it looks like and adjust if needed.

Thank you once again for helping Agenda team. Stay safe.

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Thanks for being so nice about it @darekrurka

FWIW, I think Agenda has been translated very well and it’s a pleasure to use in Polish. Finally having something in my native tongue is refreshing.

Now that I think about it, it may be the only 3rd party app I use that is actually in Polish if you exclude heavy hitters like Facebook. Having it in Polish definitely had an impact on my decision to choose Agenda over competitors, so kudos to the devs for remembering people actually speak different languages. :smiley:


Discussions like these are so great to see, a joint effort to make things even better, raising the bar and clearly winning over users as the result :+1: @Gestaltist if you like I can add you to the OneSky team and you can leave comments and corrections directly on the relevant sentences.

Thanks for the offer @mekentosj

Can we agree that I will PM you in a while when I am a bit more free and you’d add me then? I need to sort out some personal stuff at the moment.

Sure, no problem at all, just let me know. Thanks!!

There are still some modifications for Polish language done and waiting for the new release, especially in Mac version, so it should be even better experience soon :wink:

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@mekentosj I’m ready to be added to OneSky if you guys still want me. I’ve been using Agenda for a while now and can meaningfully contribute, I think.

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Great I’ve added you to team @Gestaltist! :raised_hands: