Podcast: Agenda with Drew McCormack - iPad Pros Episode 48

Tim interviews @drewmccormack in the latest episode of iPad Pros podcast, a podcast about getting work done on iOS. They dive into where the idea of Agenda came from, about Drew’s work in scientific research prior to launching Agenda, how Agenda is different from the other note taking apps out there, some of Agenda’s roadmap, their business model, and much more.


This was interesting to hear.

Way to under-emphasize the real takeaways: Dropbox integration, Evernote support, and Reminders integration on April 15! Nice. I’m excited.


Just to set expectations, on the 15th we’ll offer a sneak peek into the Reminder integration, about that time we’ll also start the betas, the public release should be some weeks later. Apologies this wasn’t more clear yet at the time of recording. For the Dropbox integration and Evernote support, as well as some major performance improvements we are still aiming for the 15th.


This thread proves that the “Talk” section of the Agenda Community forum is perhaps the most interesting of all.

We need to comb it once in a while in order to find golden nuggets such as this one whereby the developers (Drew in this instance, apparently) got interviewed on a podcast.

Doesn’t matter if it was recorded months or years ago. It’s all about cementing your understanding of the app’s core design and purpose, even if the show if more about then-upcoming features.

Will listen!

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