Please Add TimeStamp Shortcup

Dear Agenda Team,

Do you think it is possible to add a Timestamp (date + hours) shortcut ?

Thank you for your reply.


Hi Fabrice,

We have some ideas in this direction. In the mean time this article talks about an alternative solution you could use in the mean time:

Hello, I would like to restart the topic of pottier.fabrice.
I use Agenda among other things to structure my daily tasks and therefore also to record how long I have worked on a task (for accounting purposes).
So far I always type in the current time (hh:mm) manually. Can this be automated with a shortcut?

Or has it already been implemented and I just didn’t notice it?

Many thanks in advance!

You’ll be very pleased to hear that the upcoming version 11 update (currently in beta) will bring support for timestamps as described here: